Mr M has just come off a night shift and is trying to sleep so Spindle Cottage is in silent mode today. We live in an old cottage which was built in 1800 so as you can imagine everything is old, creaks and makes a noise.  So today I figured I’d sit at the kitchen table and get caught up on some paperwork – surely even I can manage to do that quietly!

Last week I made some fabric tulips which I am teaching as a class on the 12th March so I need to get instruction sheets written up for the students. I also have instructions to write up for a chenille making class on 25th April so this should keep me busy today.

Earlier this week we had Beth May come and teach a Hand Embroiderd Smocking Workshop. I managed to reserve a seat for myself so I got to be a student for once (something that doesn’t happen too often these days unfortunately). I can’t tell you how much we all enjoyed that class. If you like hand sewing, especially embroidery, you would love the smocking class. Keep an eye out for when we put this class on again and give it a try.

I also got to try something else that was new to me this week. I go to an evening quilting group once a month in a little village close to where I live. One of our members led a workshop where we all made Dorset buttons. Now normally I am never happier than when I have a needle and thread in my hand, this time though I was not ‘feeling the love’. It is definitely not my thing and I can’t say I will be rushing to make more! I’m always up for a challenge though and it’s good to try these different things, afterall that is how we find what we do and don’t like. I was using a 12 weight Perle thread and I think maybe a slightly thicker thread would have made the job a bit easier. Maybe I should never say never and give it another go.

Right…..back to the admin jobs, the sooner they are done the sooner I can sit and sew!


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